Anchor Point Inspections

Anchor Point Inspections

As per Australian Standards, anchor point inspections and assessments are required at regular intervals for height safety certifications on-site. In order to ensure complete and comprehensive safety for those working at heights, an inspection for anchorage points and safety lines needs to be performed by a trained professional. Newcastle Safety Servicing are certified, per Australian standards, to conduct and perform routine anchor point inspections across the state of New South Wales.

All professionals working at heights understand that safety is the number one priority. Whether you’re a builder, painter, roofer, plumber, or worker in any other trade-based field, your safety is paramount while operating and working at heights.

Our Experience with Anchor Point Inspections & Servicing

Roof anchor points are invaluable when it comes to working at heights. Each year in Australia, falls from heights lead to approximately 26 worker fatalities and 7,700 injuries in Australia. Generally in tandem with height safety PPE, anchor points are a foundational element of basic fall prevention and protection. As such, regular anchor point inspections are crucial to maintaining the safety of all those working at heights.

The NSW regulations for anchor point inspections are referred to in Division 6 of the 2001 Regulations. The regulations call for an inspection on a regular basis for all construction and work sites that require workers to operate at heights. At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we provide roof safety certification and anchor point inspections services so that your site can achieve compliant health safety systems. Our anchor point inspections service involves a comprehensive assessment of equipment and systems in place by our qualified safety technicians, so that you can continue working, assured that your health and safety is prioritised.


Newcastle Safety Servicing employs highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and skillset enables us to deliver the anchor point inspections and services on the east coast. Conveniently located in Newcastle, we can be onsite managing your equipment or delivering after-hours services at your convenience.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide comprehensive anchor point inspections across NSW.

End to End Support

Support for every step of the process. We'll diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our breadth of experience in anchor point inspections and safety mean that we are more than capable.

Safety Lead

Above all else, our anchor point inspections are centred on safety of all employees, clients and workers.

Local Resources

With staff and resources covering the whole East Coast of NSW - we've got your anchor points covered.

Upfront Pricing

We deliver fair, transparent, upfront pricing on all anchor point inspections and servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We are the preferred anchor point inspection professionals for all job sites that require work on roofs.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following Aus Standards for anchor point inspections, we'll make sure everything is by the book.


How Often Do I Need Anchor Point Inspection Services?

In New South Wales, it is advised that anchor point inspections are performed every six months. While state regulations do not explicitly state that bi-annual inspections are required by law, SafeWork Australia considers every six months to be an accurate guideline for how often anchor point inspection services need to be conducted.

It’s important to note that with height safety compliance, all inspections and installations should be carried about by a licensed professional such as Newcastle Safety Servicing.

Why Are Anchor Point Inspection Services So Important?

Arguably the most crucial element of height safety, roof anchorage and anchor points are designed to prevent a worker from experiencing an injury from a fall. If anchors and static lines are not routinely inspected and maintained, they can fail and put workers at risk of serious injury or even fatality.

Routine anchor point inspections prevent height safety equipment from failing due to negligence, deterioration, obstructing elements and weather. Regular assessment, testing and inspection of anchor points provide workers and worksites with the confidence that all prevention methods are put in place to protect those working at heights.

Which Industries Do You Service?

At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we service a wide range of industries. Our breadth of experience and industry-leading knowledge into anchor point inspection services has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of industries, including:

• Mining
• Communications
• Defence
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Agribusiness
• Local Councils Across NSW

Not only do we service all of these industries, but we provide anchor point inspection services to all trade-based job sites and industries including roofers, plumbers, builders, painters, or other at-heights-worker in any other trade-based field.

Which Brands Do You Service?

Our breadth of experience in the heights safety industry has equipped us with the capacity to service, calibrate, inspect and maintain all types and brands of anchor points, gas monitors, breathing apparatus, harnesses, lanyards and attachments including but not limited to:

• Honeywell
• Draeger
• Sala
• Thermo Fisher
• Industrial Scientific
• Ferno
• And Many More

What’s Involved in Anchor Point Inspections?

An inspection involves establishing whether anchorage points and safety lines can perform as intended. Anchor point loads are significant (around 2 tonnes per anchorage point), inspections involve assessing the structure, fixing of the anchor and condition of the equipment. Load tests are conducted for certain types of anchorages, and cables are re-tensioned on safety lines. After the inspection, every anchor point is tagged, and date stamped, like fire equipment, and compliance plates updated to demonstrate currency.

How Much Does Anchor Point Inspection Service Cost?

How much does anchor inspection service costs will depend on the requirements of each service. Assessments, inspections and issuing of certifications for height safety will come at a minimum. However, if additional work or maintenance is required following the anchor point inspection, you may experience an increase in costs which will be fully disclosed in a quote. Get a quote today and organise your next anchor point inspection with Newcastle Safety Servicing.


Do you require Anchor Point Inspections? Newcastle Safety Servicing is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment and servicing solutions. Contact us today, to discuss your anchor point requirements.