Breathing Apparatus Servicing

Breathing Apparatus Servicing

Inspection and breathing apparatus servicing is crucial to maintaining the performance of invaluable breathing apparatus devices. While self-contained breathing apparatus equipment is notoriously low maintenance and designed for long service life, regular inspection and breathing apparatus servicing are crucial to ensure workers are providing with perfect working safety equipment. Breathing apparatus equipment is frequently used in lifesaving, emergency and hazardous working environments.

Newcastle Safety Servicing are the leading experts in breathing apparatus servicing and maintenance. Given the gravity of the functions of breathing apparatus, regular servicing and maintenance are critical to ensuring equipment is always performing seamlessly.

Our Experience with Breathing Apparatus Servicing

Whether your site uses SCBA or CABA, Newcastle Safety Servicing can service, inspect, repair and certify all of your breathing apparatus units as required through manufacturer’s recommendations. Our Technicians are experienced and trained by various manufacturers in the maintenance and repair of all breathing apparatus models. Servicing and re-certification can be carried out at our fully equipped workshop, or onsite at your location if preferred.

For all breathing apparatus servicing, we use only genuine OEM spare parts to comply with manufacturers recommendations and applicable Australian standards. This ensures that your breathing apparatus equipment is compliant, reliable and ready for immediate and emergency use. We endeavour to complete the servicing of your breathing apparatus sets within 48 hours of receiving the units. Through maintaining a well-stocked store of spare parts and service kits, this timeframe is also applied to major servicing and overhauls.


Newcastle Safety Servicing employs highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and skillset enables us to deliver the best breathing apparatus servicing on the east coast. Conveniently located in Newcastle, we can be onsite managing your equipment or delivering after-hours services at your convenience.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide comprehensive breathing apparatus servicing across NSW.

End to End Support

Support for every step of the process. We'll diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our breadth of experience in breathing apparatus servicing means that we are more than capable.

Safety Lead

Above all else, our breathing apparatus servicing are centred on safety of all employees, clients and workers.

Local Resources

With staff and resources covering the whole East Coast of NSW - we've got your breathing apparatus covered.

Upfront Pricing

We deliver fair, transparent, upfront pricing on all breathing apparatus equipment servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We are the preferred breathing apparatus servicing professionals for all job sites that require breathing equipment.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following Aus Standards for breathing apparatus servicing, we'll make sure everything is by the book.


How Often Do I Need Breathing Apparatus Servicing?

Most major manufacturers of breathing apparatus require equipment to be inspected and undergo breathing apparatus servicing every 12 months. Major services should be conducted at least every six years; however, in severe or exhaustive working conditions, we recommend breathing apparatus servicing more frequently.

Why Is Breathing Apparatus Servicing So Important?

Breathing apparatus devices, including SCBA and CABA, are lifesaving pieces of equipment that provide clean, breathable air to workers. This includes firefighters, confined space workers, emergency workers, miners who are working in an atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life or health. If a breathing apparatus device is faulty, inconsistent or damaged, the equipment could fail in an emergency situation, leaving a user without the ability to consume clean air. The maintenance and servicing of breathing apparatus are crucial to preventing apparatus failure and ensuring equipment is in perfect working order.

Which Industries Do You Service?

At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we service a wide range of industries. Our breadth of experience and industry-leading knowledge breathing apparatus servicing has seen us work with clients across a wide range of fields, including:

• Mining
• Firefighting
• Defence
• Confined Spaces
• Industrial
• Medical
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Aviation
• Local Councils Across NSW

Which Brands Do You Service?

It’s this extensive experience in the industry that has equipped Newcastle Safety Servicing with the competence to service, calibrate, inspect and maintain all types and brands of breathing apparatus, gas monitors, cylinders, harnesses, lanyards, anchors points and attachments including but not limited to:

• Draeger
• 3M/Scott
• And Many More

Which Models of Breathing Apparatus Do You Service?

Newcastle Safety Servicing carry out inspections & annual pressure tests of all major brands and current styles of SCBA and self-rescuers/ rebreathers on the Australian market. Specific self-rescuer models include:

• MSA SSR30/100
• Ocenco
• Drager
• MSA W95
• MSA W65

How Much Does Breathing Apparatus Servicing Cost?

Breathing apparatus servicing costs will largely depend on the make and model of the device, the function of the equipment, and whether or not it is open or closed circuit SCBA. Annual services will vary in costs, and major six yearly inspections will be provided with a quote. If additional servicing or repair work is required, Newcastle Safety Servicing will always provide customers with a written quote prior to undertaking work.

Need to organise breathing apparatus servicing? Give us a call on (02) 4960 1372 today to discuss the costs involved.


Do you require breathing apparatus servicing? Newcastle Safety Servicing is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment and servicing solutions. Contact us today, to discuss your breathing apparatus requirements.