Working at Heights Harness Inspection

Working at Heights Harness Inspection

When working at heights, it is crucial to have your harnesses regularly inspected and maintained required as per the Australian standards to ensure the safety of yourself and all your employees. These standards state that all inspections need to be comprehensively carried out and performed by trained professionals every 6 months to receive height safety certification.

AS/NZS1891.4 2009 for working at heights harness inspection states your harness should also be checked before and after each use by your height safety operator or another competent person. Comprehensive inspections of harnesses should also happen on a 6 monthly basis and be carried out by a certified height safety equipment inspector. Newcastle Safety offer certified inspections by qualified technicians to match your inspection requirements.

Our Experience with Working at Heights Inspections

Harnesses, whether lower-body, combination or full-body harnesses are required for all people working in height safety environments. There are thousands of injuries and some fatalities in Australia each year that come as a result of falls from heights. Harnesses, along with other safety equipment, are an essential element in the prevention and protection from falls. As such, harnesses should be comfortable, adjustable, easy to use or put on, durable, allow for customisation depending on the type of work and finally, be regularly inspected to maintain the safety of people working at heights.

When working at heights, all professionals understand why safety is the number one priority. Along with regular inspection, it is also important to note that when working in harsh or corrosive conditions, you are required to have an inspection conducted every 3 months. At Newcastle Safety Servicing all our inspections are carried out by our competent and well-trained height safety equipment inspectors, ensuring your harnesses comply with the NSW state-wide regulations of height safety equipment maintenance.


Newcastle Safety Servicing employs highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and skillset enables us to deliver the best working at heights harness inspections and services on the east coast. Conveniently located in Newcastle, we can be onsite managing your equipment or delivering after-hours services at your convenience.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide comprehensive working at heights harness inspections across NSW.

End to End Support

Support for every step of the process. We'll diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our breadth of experience in working at heights safety means that we are more than capable for all harnesses.

Safety Lead

Above all else, our working at heights harness inspections are centred on safety of all employees, clients and workers.

Local Resources

With staff and resources covering the whole East Coast of NSW - we've got your working at heights needs covered.

Upfront Pricing

We deliver fair, transparent, upfront pricing on all working at heights inspections and servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We are the preferred harness inspection professionals for all job sites that require work at heights.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following Aus Standards for working at heights, we'll make sure your harnesses are well assessed.


How Often Do I Need Working at Heights Harness Inspection Service?

According to New South Wales standards, the harnesses you use to work at heights is required to be serviced every 6 months by a well-trained, qualified and competent height safety equipment inspector.

Why is Working at Heights Harness Inspection Service So Important?

Harnesses are an essential element in working at heights safety; they are designed to prevent injury when a worker experiences a fall while working at heights. Without regular inspection and servicing, you cannot be assured that your harnesses are in working order, which can lead to them failing and putting workers at serious risk of falling and getting injured.

Your harness should also be checked before and after each use by your height safety operator or another competent person to ensure its safe use in day to day work. On top of these regular assessments, harnesses need to be inspected by a trained height safety equipment inspector to ensure they are safe for use.

Which Industries Do You Service?

At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we service a wide range of industries. Our breadth of experience and industry-leading knowledge into working at heights harness inspection services has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of industries, including:

• Mining
• Communications
• Defence
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Agribusiness
• Local Councils Across NSW

Which Brands Do You Service?

Our extensive experience in the industry has equipped us with the capacity to service, calibrate, inspect and maintain all types and brands of harnesses, extinguishers, gas monitors, breathing apparatus, lanyards, anchors points and attachments including but not limited to:

• Honeywell
• Draeger
• Sala
• Thermo Fisher
• Industrial Scientific
• Ferno
• And Many More

How Much Does Working at Heights Harness Inspection Service Cost?

The cost of a working at heights harness inspection service will vary depending on the requirements of each business and each service. There is a minimum for the issuing, assessment and inspection of certifications for height safety. However, if there is additional work required for the maintenance of the harness after the inspection you will see an increase in costs depending on the required service which you will be made aware of in the quote before any work is completed. To find out more about costs, get a quote today and organise your next working at heights harness inspection with Newcastle Safety Servicing.

What Is The Lifespan of Working at Heights Harnesses?

Working at heights safety harnesses have a lifespan of 10 years, although if used in a corrosive and harsh environment it could be as little as 5 years. Making regular inspections all the more important for any harness that is 5 or more years old. Following the standards outlined in AS/NZS 1981.4 – 2009, once a harness has reached the end of its life and is removed from service and destroyed so it can no longer be used.


Do you require Working At Heights Harness Inspections? Newcastle Safety Servicing is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment and servicing solutions. Contact us today, to discuss your working at heights requirements.