SRL Fall Protection Inspection

SRL Fall Protection Inspection

Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL), sometimes referred to as a Self-Retracting Lanyard or Inertia reel, refers to a fantastic fall-arrest system that provides reliable protection and support for manual work. An SRL prevents a fall by locking onto a line when there is a sudden taut jerk on the line, as opposed to merely absorbing a fall. Due to the serious nature and function of an SRL, SRL fall protection inspections are of high importance to ensure devices are all in perfect working order.

SRL’s allow for free movement by extending the line if the action is natural, and locking the line once it is unnatural, in the event of a fall. Neglecting to have your SRL correctly inspected and serviced could cause the locking mechanism to fail, making the SRL redundant in the case of a fall. At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we inspect all SRL devices and provide maintenance, repairs or replacements.

Our Experience with SRL Fall Protection Inspection & Servicing

The requirement for the maintenance of SRL’s and other fall-arrest systems and devices is included in AS/NZS1891.4 2009, making inspections of the utmost importance when it comes to fall protection. Personal equipment SRL’s should be checked before and after each use by a height safety operator or by another competent person. These regular checks do not need to be documented. However, routine SRL fall protection inspections will be recorded.

SRL fall protection systems need to be externally inspected every 3 to 6 months and have a full inspection and service as recommended by the original manufacturer. Inspections and services need to be carried out by a trained and competent height safety equipment officer. At Newcastle Safety Servicing all our inspectors are fully trained and competent height safety equipment technicians. We will ensure your SRL’s comply with the NSW state-wide regulations of height safety equipment maintenance.


Newcastle Safety Servicing employs highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and skillset enables us to deliver SRL fall protection inspections and services on the east coast. Conveniently located in Newcastle, we can be onsite managing your equipment or delivering after-hours services at your convenience.

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We have the reach and resources to provide comprehensive SRL equipment inspections across NSW.

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Support for every step of the process. We'll diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our breadth of experience in fall protection inspections and safety mean that we are more than capable.

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Above all else, our SRL fall protection inspections are centred on safety of all employees, clients and workers.

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With staff and resources covering the whole East Coast of NSW - we've got your fall protection equipment covered.

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We deliver fair, transparent, upfront pricing on all fall protection inspections and servicing projects.

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We are the preferred fall protection professionals for all job sites that require SRL equipment.

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Strictly following Aus Standards for SRL equipment inspections, we'll make sure everything is by the book.


How Often Do I Need SRL Fall Protection Inspection Service?

SRL fall protection systems need to be regularly inspected every 3 to 6 months and have a full inspection and service as recommended by the original manufacturer. How often you need SRL Fall protection inspections also depends on how often the SRL is used. SRL's with severe and continuous use require more regular, vigorous inspections than those that undergo infrequent to light use.

Why Is SRL Fall Protection Inspection Service So Important?

The importance of regular SRL fall protection inspection services cannot be overstated. One of the most common causes of workplace injury is falling from heights. With SRL fall protection systems, workers can rely on high-quality equipment that will prevent serious injury from falls or accidents. However, if the SRL fall protection equipment is faulty, deteriorated or overused, it will not provide sufficient protection from falls or injury. For this very reason, regular inspections to SRL is crucial in maintaining the safety for all those working from heights.

Which Industries Do You Service?

At Newcastle Safety Servicing, we service a wide range of industries. Our breadth of experience and industry-leading knowledge into SRL fall protection inspection services has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of industries, including:

• Mining
• Communications
• Defence
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Agribusiness
• Local Councils Across NSW

Which Brands Do You Service?

Our extensive experience in the working from heights and safety industry has equipped us with the capacity to service, calibrate, inspect and maintain all types and brands of SRLs, fall protection equipment, gas monitors, breathing apparatus, lanyards, anchors points and attachments including but not limited to:

• Honeywell
• Draeger
• 3M/Sala
• Ferno
• And Many More

How Much Does SRL Fall Protection Inspection Service Cost?

How much does SRL fall protection inspection service costs will depend on the requirements of each service and how frequently the SRL equipment is used. It’s difficult to provide an SRL fall protection inspection cost without knowing the brand, manufacturer’s recommendations, age of equipment and how the SRL is used. If there are additional services required, including repairs, restorations and replacements of SRL components, Newcastle Safety Servicing will provide a written work prior to undergoing any additional work. If you’d like to talk to someone today about a quote for SRL fall protection inspection service costs, get in touch with us on (02) 4960 1372.

What Causes SRL Fall Protection Damage?

Whether it be from heavy use or exposure to harsh extremities, SRL fall protection can become damaged or worn to the point where it can no longer safely be used by workers. Potential damage to SRL equipment may include rips, tears, bent hooks and latches, corrosion or any other external defects.

If SRL equipment is stored in an improper environment, it can become damaged from mildew, pests and other hazards in poor storage conditions. Regular inspection of SRL fall protection equipment is the key to preventing equipment damage from resulting in injury, accident or damage to a person or worksite.


Do you require SRL fall protection inspections? Newcastle Safety Servicing is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment and servicing solutions. Contact us today, to discuss your SRL fall protection requirements.