Working at Heights Harness Inspection QLD

Working At Heights Harness Inspection Rockhampton

For Rockhampton and QLD professionals working at heights, it is necessary to have your harnesses frequently inspected and maintained as per the Australian standards to ensure your safety and the safety of all employees. These standards state that all inspections must be carefully carried out and delivered by experienced professionals every six months in order to receive height safety certification.

AS/NZS1891.4 2009 for working at heights harness inspection states that your harness should be checked before and after each use by a height safety operator. Detailed inspections of harnesses should also happen on a half-yearly basis and be carried out by a certified height safety equipment inspector.

NSS offers certified working at heights harness inspection Rockhampton professionals trust, ran by authorised technicians that’ll match and exceed your inspection requirements.

Our Working at Heights Harness Inspection Experience

Harnesses are required for all people working at height, whether lower-body, combination or full-body harnesses are used, in order to ensure the safety of all those in the environment. There are thousands of injuries and several fatalities in Australia every year resulting from falls from height. In cohesion with other safety equipment, harnesses are an essential preventative measure for the protection against falls.

As such, our experience has afforded us the knowledge that harnesses need to be comfortable, adjustable, and customisable depending on the type of work required to incentivise considered use and maintain the safety of all people working at heights. Again, these harnesses need to be regularly inspected with safety in mind.

When working at heights, all QLD professionals understand why safety is the number one priority. In environments with harsh or corrosive conditions, harnesses should be inspected more regularly. According to the Australian Safety Standards, you are required to have an inspection conducted every three months where conditions are harsher.


NSS is the industry leader in providing the most efficient working at heights harness inspection Rockhampton professionals need. We employ highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines in Queensland. Our diverse experience and extensive skillset enable us to deliver the best working at heights harness inspections and services in Rockhampton.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide the most comprehensive working at heights harness inspections across Queensland and NSW.

End to End Support

We support you across every step of the process. NSS will diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience in working at heights safety and inspections means that we are more than capable of assessing safety protocols for all harnesses.

Focus on Safety

As the most important factor, our working at heights harness inspection Rockhampton revolves around the safety of all employees, clients, and workers.

Local Resources

With staff, resources, and equipment across several Queensland suburbs, we’ve got all your working at heights needs covered.

Upfront Pricing

We offer transparent, fair, upfront pricing for all our working at heights inspections and servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We have a wide-ranging team of staff across various backgrounds to ensure that all types of job sites have working at heights harness inspections.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following the Australian standards for working at heights, we’ll ensure that your harnesses are well assessed, safe and robust.


How Often Do I Need Working at Heights Harness Inspections?

According to the Australian Safety Standards, harnesses used when working at heights are required to be serviced every six months by a well-trained, qualified height safety equipment inspector.

Which Industries Do We Service?

NSS services a wide range of industries. Our depth of experience and industry-leading knowledge with respect to working at heights has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of sectors including:

• Mining
• Communications
• Defence
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Agribusiness
• Local Councils

What Brands Do We Service?

NSS is equipped to service, calibrate, inspect, and maintain all types and brands of harnesses, extinguishers, gas monitors, breathing apparatus and other safety equipment, including but not limited to:

• Honeywell
• Draeger
• Sala
• Thermo Fisher
• Industrial Scientific
• Ferno
• And Many More

What Areas of Queensland Do NSS Gladstone Service?

NSS provides the best working at heights harness inspection across Queensland. We service the following areas:

• Gladstone
• Central Queensland
• Moorinbah
• Mackay
• Northern Queensland
• Emerald
• Biloela
• Bundaberg
• Yeppon

Book a service for your equipment or contact us for any other inquiry.

How Much Does Our Working at Heights Harness Inspection Service Cost?

The cost of working at heights harness inspection service will vary depending on the requirements of each business, industry, and each particular service.

There is a minimum cost attached for the issuing, assessment, and inspection of certifications for height safety. However, if additional work is required to maintain harnesses after inspection, the cost will increase.

We will be completely upfront and transparent regarding the costs attached to our service. To find out more about our costs, get a quote today by calling (02) 4960 1372.


Do you require inspection of your harness and working at heights harnesses in Rockhampton or Central QLD? NSS is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment, and servicing solutions. Contact our Gladstone team today, to discuss your working at heights harness requirements.