Working at Heights Equipment Inspection QLD

Working At Heights Equipment Inspection Rockhampton

Working at heights requires strong safety protocols and reliable equipment to reduce potential risk. As such, safety equipment needs regular assessment. In order to ensure all fall prevention measures, harnesses, and roof access equipment are in working condition, working at heights equipment needs to be inspected by an accredited QLD technician under Australian Standards.

Depending on the variations of equipment, Queensland state legislation requires working at heights equipment to be inspected, tested, and certified every six to twelve months.

NSS Gladstone is the leading expert when it comes to working at heights equipment inspection Rockhampton. We provide competent, skilled, and experienced technicians that can come on-site to inspect, assess, and certify all safety equipment. Alternatively, equipment inspections can be performed at our Gladstone workshop facilities.

Our Experience with Working at Heights Equipment

Requirements for the maintenance of working at heights safety equipment are included within the AS/NZS1891.42009 guideline. In order to ensure that all workers operating at heights have unwavering confidence in the equipment protecting them, regular inspections and assessments by an accredited QLD technician are required.

As per Australian standards, NSS will inspect all personal use equipment, including harnesses, lanyards, connectors and fall arrest devices, as well as all common use equipment such as ropes, slings, fall arrest devices and mobile attachment devices.

Australian standards and state-based regulations mandate our working at heights equipment inspection Rockhampton. As accredited working at heights equipment inspectors, NSS understand the safety of lives entirely depends on the efficiency and durability of working at heights equipment. This is why we’re so diligent with our working from heights inspections – proper analysis and maintenance is the first line of defence against hazards and faulty or damaged equipment.


NSS is the industry leader in providing the most efficient working at heights equipment inspection Rockhampton professionals need. We employ highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and extensive skillset enable us to deliver the best working at heights equipment inspections and services in Rockhampton and QLD.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide the most comprehensive working at heights equipment inspections across Queensland and NSW.

End to End Support

We support you across every step of the process. NSS will diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience in working at heights safety means that we are more than capable of assessing safety protocols for all types of safety equipment.

Focus on Safety

As the most important factor, our working at heights equipment inspection revolves around the safety of all employees, clients, and workers.

Local Resources

With staff, resources, and equipment across several Queensland suburbs, we’ve got all your working at heights needs covered.

Upfront Pricing

We offer transparent, fair, upfront pricing for all our working at heights inspections and servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We have a wide-ranging group of staff across various backgrounds to ensure that all types of job sites have working at heights equipment inspections that work for them.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following the Australian standards for working at heights, we’ll ensure that your safety equipment is well assessed, safe and reliable.


How Often Do I Need Working at Heights Equipment Inspections?

How often you need working at heights equipment inspected will depending on the recommendations made by the manufacturer and the Queensland state regulations for the devices. In the case of most working at heights equipment, regular inspections are advised every six to twelve months. If this equipment is used in harsh conditions, the frequency of accredited inspections should increase.

What Working at Heights Equipment Is Inspected?

Working at heights equipment refers to the tools and devices used to ensure the safety of those working and operating at heights. An inspection will include the assessment of:

• Harnesses
• Lanyards
• Type 1, 2 and 3 fall arrest devices
• Slings
• Connectors (carabiners, snap hooks, scaffolding hooks)
• Helmets
• Slings
• Rope
• Anchors & anchor points

All equipment will be tagged during the inspection to create a safety register for your worksite. These tags will convey the serial number and next due test date.

Which Industries Do We Service?

NSS services a wide range of industries. Our depth of experience and industry-leading knowledge concerning working at heights has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of sectors, including:

• Mining
• Communications
• Defence
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Agribusiness
• Local Councils

Don’t stress if you can’t see your industry. This is just a basic outline of common industries we serve across QLD.

What Areas of Queensland Do NSS Gladstone Service?

NSS provides the best working at heights equipment inspection across Queensland. We are located in Gladstone and service the following areas:

• Gladstone
• Central Queensland
• Moorinbah
• Mackay
• Northern Queensland
• Emerald
• Biloela
• Bundaberg
• Yeppon

Book a service for your equipment or contact us for any other inquiry.

How Much Will A Working at Heights Equipment Inspection Rockhampton Service Cost?

The cost of working at heights harness inspection service will vary depending on the requirements of each business, industry, and each particular service.

There is a minimum cost attached for the issuing, assessment, and inspection of certifications for height safety. However, if additional work is required to maintain harnesses after inspection, the cost will increase.

We will be completely upfront and transparent regarding the costs attached to our service. To find out more about our costs, get a quote today by calling (02) 4960 1372.


Do you require inspection of your working at heights equipment in Rockhampton or Central QLD? NSS is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment, and servicing solutions. Contact our Gladstone team today, to discuss your working at heights equipments requirements.