Mine Vehicle Breathing Apparatus QLD

The NSS Mine Vehicle Breathing Apparatus (MVBA) was created and refined for installation in heavy vehicles like stockpile dozers where entrapment can occur if a vehicle is engulfed or if irrespirable atmospheres are encountered. Our MVBA System QLD provides the desired protection by supplying breathable air on demand to the operator for a duration of up to 6.7 hours.

The MVBA System QLD solution is offered as an alternative measure to Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) under MDG 28: Safety Requirements for Coal Stockpiles. As a standalone positive pressure system, functionality is mechanical and non-reliant on electrical machine function for operation.

The NSS MVBA System QLD negates the requirement for compressed air cylinders to be stored inside vehicle cabins and is used in firefighting or confined space entry, similar to the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). The MVBA System is ready for distribution and use across Queensland.

NSS & MVBA System QLD Servicing

Made to protect the operator, NSS understand the gravity of the MVBA Systems function and the importance of regular servicing and maintenance. As well as designing and manufacturing the MVBA, NSS also meticulously install and service the system, giving your business peace of mind that your operators are working under the safest conditions.

At NSS Gladstone, all our inspections are carried out by our competent, well-trained, and qualified safety equipment inspectors. Our QLD technicians will make sure that your MVBA System is operating efficiently and works in accordance with Queensland legislation.

Our MVBA System has been installed on over 50 vehicles in operation across NSW and QLD. It can be fitted to Caterpillar, Komatsu and Leibherr dozers. It is also capable of being used with MSA, Drager and Scott masks. The product is regularly refined, and each iteration comes equipped with improved systems that upgrade safety, reliability, and maintainability.


NSS is the industry leader in providing the most efficient MVBA system servicing Rockhampton and Queensland professionals need. We employ highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse, considered experience and extensive skillset enables us to deliver the most reliable MVBA systems and services in Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide the most comprehensive MVBA systems across Queensland and NSW.

End to End Support

We support you across every step of the process. NSS will diagnose, advise, and implement the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience with MVBA systems means that we are more than capable of assessing safety protocols for all confined spaces.

Safety Lead

As the most important factor, our Rockhampton MVBA system servicing revolves around the safety of all employees, clients, and workers.

Local Resources

With staff, resources, and equipment across several Central Queensland suburbs, we’ve got all your MVBA system needs covered.

Upfront Pricing

We offer transparent, fair, upfront pricing for all our MVBA system servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We ensure that all types of job sites have MVBA system safety protocols applied across every working environment.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following the Australian Standards for MVBA systems, we’ll ensure that your equipment is well assessed, safe and robust.


While self-contained breathing apparatus equipment is low maintenance and designed for long service life, regular inspection and servicing of breathing apparatus are crucial to ensure workers are provided with optimal, working safety equipment.

NSS has undertaken a comprehensive design risk assessment for MVBA System QLD services. This project was carried out to integrate hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to eliminate or minimise the risks of injury.

The risk assessment has been carried out in accordance with processes set out in:

• ISO12100:2010 Safety of Machinery – General Principles for Design – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction
• AS4024 Safety of Machinery Part 1201: General Principles for DESIGN
• MDG 28 Safety Requirements for Coal Stockpiles and Reclaim Tunnels
• Work Health and Safety Act
• Work Health and Safety Regulation
• Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum) Act
• Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum) Regulation

From this risk assessment, NSS realised the importance of performing a semi-quantitative design review, using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) techniques in order to:

• Identify potential failures which have unwanted effects on system operation
• Allow improvements of the system’s safety and reliability
The FMEA was carried out in accordance with processes set out in AS/ISO 60812:2008 Analysis Techniques for System Reliability – Procedure for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). As such, we can say with confidence that adequate engineering controls have been identified and implemented to minimise and eliminate risk.

As this emergency breathing system has been custom designed and is individually installed for each machine, NSS will work with you to ensure that all components are mounted in the most convenient location for you and other operators to ensure maximum visibility.

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Why Is the MVBA System Important?

Our MVBA System is a breathing apparatus designed for heavy mobiles such as coal stockpile dozers where vehicle engulfment is a significant operational hazard.

When working in irrespirable atmospheres where the risk of gases, fumes, and combustion is ever-present, the MVBA System provides reliable safety against exposure in the event of engulfment.

How Regularly Should the MVBA System Be Serviced?

The MVBA System should be serviced roughly twice a year to ensure the safety of all workers. NSS can attend to the system on-site and repair any issues with minimal disruption.

How Much Does Our MVBA System Servicing Cost?

As the manufacturer, NSS can offer fixed price MVBA System servicing with accredited QLD service technicians, working under your maintenance schedule to minimise downtime and keep your system functional. Our fully equipped service vehicles enable our technicians to attend site, identify issues and repair systems with minimal disruption.

What Areas of Queensland Do We Service?

NSS provides the best safety equipment inspections across Queensland. We are located in Gladstone and service the following areas:

• Rockhampton
• Gladstone
• Central Queensland
• Moorinbah
• Mackay
• Northern Queensland
• Emerald
• Biloela
• Bundaberg
• Yeppoon

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Do you require inspections of MVBA equipment in Rockhampton or Central QLD? NSS is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment, and servicing solutions. Contact our Gladstone team today, to discuss your MVBA system requirements.