Gas Detector Repair QLD

Gas Detector Repairs Rockhampton

Looking for gas detector repairs in Rockhampton? We’ve got you sorted.

NSS provide gas detector repair & servicing Rockhampton for all type of gas detector devices. In addition to our gas detection calibration services across QLD, we provide repair, maintenance and restoration services to gas detection equipment including portable gas detectors and fixed gas monitors.

With regular industrial use and long service lives, gas detectors are bound to require repair services at one stage or another. In the industrial sector, it’s not uncommon for gas detectors to require frequent calibration and inspection – but what happens if your gas detector stops working? You’ll need to call in the professionals for gas detector repair services.

Our Experience Repairing & Servicing Gas Detectors

At NSS, our experienced and trained QLD gas detection experts provide fast, reliable, and affordable gas detector repair services across Rockhampton. What’s more, as our fleet are fitted out with the latest tools, calibration gases and equipment required to make necessary gas detector repairs, NSS can provide on-site, or off-site gas detector services and repairs from Gladstone, to Rockhampton and most regions in Central Queensland.

Gas detectors and monitors require routine maintenance and calibration to ensure they are functioning correctly, producing accurate results and in good working order. Our fully trained Gladstone service technicians ensure that every gas detector is repaired and calibrated to manufacturers specifications in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. Inevitably, the performance of most gas detectors will diminish over time; the rate depends on the type of sensor and the operating conditions. However, most gas detectors can be restored back to their original working order with regular maintenance, calibration, and repair services.


NSS employs highly trained technicians across a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our diverse experience and skillset allow us to deliver the best gas detector repair & servicing in central and northern Queensland. Conveniently located in Gladstone, we can be onsite managing your equipment or delivering after-hours services at your convenience.

Reach & Resources

We have the reach and resources to provide comprehensive gas detector repairs across central and northern areas of QLD.

End to End Support

Support for every step of the process. We'll diagnose, advise, and conduct the necessary inspections on-site.

Extensive Experience

Our breadth of experience in gas detector repairs and servicing means that we are more than capable.

Safety Lead

Above all else, our gas detector repairs are centred on safety of all employees, clients, and workers.

Local Resources

With staff and resources covering central and northern parts of QLD - we've got your gas detector repairs covered.

Upfront Pricing

We deliver fair, transparent, upfront pricing on all gas detector repairs and servicing projects.

Diverse Portfolio

We are the preferred gas detector repair professionals for all job sites that require work with gas substances.

Licensed Professionals

Strictly following AUS Standards for gas detector repairs, we'll make sure everything is by the book.


What Happens During Gas Detector Repair Services?

During a gas detector repair service, NSS will diligently check and test the instrument to identify the working conditions. The gas detector will be response checked, stripped-down, assessed and then a quote will be produced for repair works and services. We will then make the necessary repairs, calibrate the instrument, and have it back in excellent working order in no time.

Why Are Gas Detector Repair Services So Important?

Gas detectors play a fundamental role in monitoring potentially harmful gases and protecting people and properties. On industrial sites, gas detectors undergo heavy workload and are made to last. However, there will be instances where gas detectors may inexplicably stop working or require updating – it is much safer to rely on expert gas detector repair & servicing Rockhampton professionals than not. Gas detector repairs can provide worksites and properties with restored monitors that will continue providing accurate readings and protection against harmful gases.

Which Brands Do You Service?

Our breadth of experience in the industry has equipped us with the capacity to service, calibrate, inspect and repair all types and brands of gas detectors, breathing apparatus, harnesses, lanyards, anchors points and attachments including but not limited to:

• Draeger
• Honeywell
• Industrial Scientific
• Thermo Fisher

How Much Will a Gas Detector Repair Cost?

Gas detector repair & servicing Rockhampton costs will depend on the requirements of each service. Depending on which parts need to be restored, repaired, or replaced, costs for gas detector repair services can vary greatly. At NSS, we are passionate about providing you and your site with the most cost-effective solutions to ensuring your gas detecting monitors are in perfect working order. Get in touch with us today on (02) 4960 1372 to get a quote on your gas detector repair service costs.

Which Industries Do You Service?

At NSS, we service a wide range of industries. Our breadth of experience and industry-leading knowledge into gas detector repair services has seen us work with clients across a diverse range of industries, including:

• Mining
• Ports & Maritime Services
• Defence
• Communications
• Aviation
• Utilities
• Local Councils Across QLD
• Agribusiness

Can’t see your industry on this list? Don’t worry – we service a wide range of industries, this is just a basic list of our regular repair clients across QLD.

How Often Do I Need Gas Detector Repair Service?

Gas detector devices require regular calibration, bump test and maintenance services. It’s important to rely on comprehensive gas detector repair & servicing Rockhampton to ensure that gas detectors are always providing accurate readings. Gas detector repair services may be required if gas detectors are no longer calibrating, are providing very inaccurate readings, or have become damaged.


Do you require repairs or servicing of your gas detectors in Rockhampton or Central QLD? NSS is the answer for a thorough inspection, comprehensive assessment, calibration and servicing solutions. Contact our Gladstone team today, to discuss your gas detector requirements.