Gas Detector Calibration Newcastle | Calibrate and Repair all Makes and Models

Gas Detector Calibration

Servicing all brands of gas detectors whether they are fixed or portable, Newcastle Safety Servicing can calibrate and repair all makes and models.

Gas monitors use various sensors to measure the levels of each gas that is being detected. Sensor reactions and readings are prone to drift over time and also with exposure to different gaseous environments. In order to correct these sensor readings and ensure the unit is operating correctly, regular calibrating is required as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bump Testing is recommended to be carried out prior to the use of the gas detector. A bump test is a brief exposure to a known centration of gases for the purpose of verifying sensor and alarm operation. The bump test will not tell you anything about the accuracy of the sensor readings, though it does show that the unit is responding to the target gasses as designed and is ready for use.

Gas monitor brands serviced & calibrated by Newcastle Safety Servicing:

  • MSA
  • BW
  • Honeywell
  • Industrial Scientific
  • Biosystems
  • Drager
  • GMI
  • Riken Keiki

Types of gas detectors that are serviced & calibrated be Newcastle Safety Servicing:

  • Confined space entry 4 gas: O2, CO, H2S & LEL
  • PID/VOC detectors
  • Single gas: 02, CO, H2S, LEL, NH3, CL2, NO, NO2, PH3 & SO2
  • Fixed systems of any configuration
  • 5 gas units
  • 6 gas units

For further information on your gas detection requirements or to book in a calibration service, feel free to contact us anytime on (02) 4960 1372.