Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA ) Servicing

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Whether your site uses SCBA or CABA, Newcastle Safety Servicing can service, inspect, repair and certify all of your breathing apparatus units as required through manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our Technicians are experienced and trained by various manufacturers in the maintenance and repair of all breathing apparatus models. Servicing and re-certification can be carried out at our fully equipped workshop, or onsite at your location if preferred.

We endeavour to complete the servicing of your SCBA sets within 48 hours of receiving the units. Through maintaining a well-stocked store of spare parts and service kits, this timeframe is also applied to major servicing and overhauls.

Servicing clients all over NSW, the Newcastle Safety Servicing vehicles are fitted out with all the required equipment including compressors and POSI Check machines which allow our technicians to carry out the manufacturer’s annual breathing apparatus testing on site at the time of service. Saving you the expense of freight costs and also the extended periods without your equipment, NSS can carry out 95% of your equipment servicing onsite at your convenience.

Brands serviced:

Escape Sets & Self Rescuers

Newcastle Safety Servicing carry out inspections & annual pressure tests of all self rescuers / rebreathers on the Australian market. Models include:

  • MSA SSR30/100
  • Ocenco
  • MSA SSR90
  • Drager
  • MSA W95
  • MSA W65

In addition to the Breathing Apparatus, we also carry out the following related services:

  • Cylinder Refilling
  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing
  • Regular Onsite Equipment Function Checks & Inspections
  • MVBA System Installation and Servicing
  • Gas Detector Calibrations