5 July 2021
Confined Space Entry Equipment Hire Cover

Confined Space Entry Equipment Hire: Why You Should Hire Your Equipment

Looking for confined space entry equipment hire? We can help. Here at Newcastle Safety Servicing, we provide leading confined space equipment and offer the opportunity to […]
29 June 2021
Gas Detection Hire Cover Image

Gas Detection Hire: Why You Should Be Hiring Your Detection Equipment

Gas detectors are used as a necessary safety measure across a wide variety of industries to ensure the safety of all those in the working in […]
31 May 2021
When Do You Need A Working At Heights Ticket Cover

When Do You Need a Working at Heights Ticket?

Safe Work Australia revealed alarming statistics on the number of deaths caused by workplace-related falls in Australia. On average, 29 people die on-site each year, with […]
25 May 2021
The Hazards Associated with Working at Height Cover

The Hazards Associated with Working at Height

Safety should be the first and foremost consideration for everyone involved in working at heights. Falling from any height has the potential to lead to death […]
4 May 2021
What Is the Nationally Recognised Definition of Working at Heights Cover

What Is the Nationally Recognised Definition of Working at Heights?

When working at heights, safety should be the absolute number one priority. Thousands of injuries and a number of fatalities occur as a result of falls […]
21 April 2021

What Are the Different Types of Fall Arrest Systems?

If you’re working from heights at work, you are likely familiar with the different types of fall arrest systems. Aside from the benefit of stunning views […]
1 April 2021
when is fall protection required cover image

When Is Fall Protection Required?

Are you being employed or employing someone to work at heights and want to fully understand the ins and outs of when is fall protection required? […]
23 March 2021
SCBA Cylinder Capacity Cover Image

What Is SCBA Cylinder Capacity?

A Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, more commonly known as an SCBA, is an apparatus designed to keep professionals safe in industries that come in direct contact […]
18 March 2021
Risks of Working In Confined Spaces Cover Image

What Are the Risks of Working in Confined Spaces?

There are numerous risks of working in confined spaces that should be professionally identified and adequately minimised before exposure to the worksite. This article will determine […]